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When it comes to tree pruning most people believe that it’s as easy as using clippers to cut away anything that doesn’t fit the overall look of their tree. And while this might be great advice for a sculptor, it doesn’t work when it comes to tree pruning. Instead, the how to prune depends to a great extent on the why to prune.

When your goal is to remove dead wood, it’s easy to prune just about anytime. Otherwise, there are many guidelines for pruning that must be followed, or else the health and life of your tree might be severely affected.

At Anaheim Tree Care we know how to care for trees better than anyone else. This includes knowing when it’s best to prune trees to make them grow to be tall and healthy.

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For example, pruning during dormancy is highly advisable since this will result in a vigorous burst of growth in the springtime if that is your desired result. But not only is it important to know when to prune and how to prune, but it’s also important to have the right tree pruning tools at your disposal when the work is done.

The Right People at the Right Time

When most people hear the term “tree pruning service,” they usually visualize a bunch of guys driving around in a truck loaded with tools.

Unfortunately, at least in most cases, when you hire people like this to prune your trees, chances are good that you will usually get just what is advertised, a bunch of guys driving around in a truck loaded with tools.

They are usually not professional arborists. So when people like this cause damage to trees, don’t prune correctly or cause the needless death of a tree, those who hired them wonder why this happened.

We can tell you. At Anaheim Tree Care, we’re professional arborists. We are a full-time, full-service tree care company. So when it comes time for you to determine whether your plants need pruning, we hope that you will do what is best for your trees and choose us since we are a tree pruning service.

We have specialized equipment such as tree pruning saw, as well as the knowledge of how to use them effectively to bring out the hidden beauty of your trees. We know all of the tree pruning tips that will make your trees grow healthy and tall. And it doesn’t matter if you need fruit tree pruning, maple tree pruning, tree topping, or any other tree related service, we are the company for you.

Tree Pruning Cost

We know that when you are deciding to get your trees pruned, one consideration is tree pruning cost. This largely depends on the size of the tree. If you need a professional tree care service, call us. We’re Anaheim Tree Care. We’re professionals. We will handle your trees better.

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