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Do you have a tree that needs to be cut down? Maybe it’s dead. Maybe it’s growing where it shouldn’t be? Regardless of the specific situation, it needs to be cut down. What do you do? It can’t be that hard to cut down a tree, right? After all, you probably did it as a kid at Scout camp untold years ago.

Unfortunately, that was not only a long time ago, but under entirely different circumstances. If you want to cut down a tree in a residential or commercial area, for example, you have a lot more you need to consider. if I cut a tree in a certain way, is it going to end up on somebody’s car or home? And that’s just one consideration.

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Tree Cutting: A Lot More Complicated Than It Looks

Cutting down a tree is rarely as simple as it looks or sounds. In suburban or urban areas, most trees need to be felled in a certain way in order to avoid hitting nearby structures.

The know-how that is required affects pricing, among other things. Cutting down a tree can cost anything from $150 to $1,500, but there might be other charges as well. Remember that these tree cutting prices are general and may be different in your area.

In the case of trees that are very old, large, tall, or a combination of all three of these, it can be a very difficult and dangerous job to cut down these trees since they often require aerial work and special rigging.

Obviously,when a tree cutting job is more difficult or hazardous, the job will be pricier. If tree cutting is done in a more rural area where there are fewer concerns about a tree or its parts landing on something, the price will be lower, usually in the neighborhood of $730.

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