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Tree Cabling & Bracing in Anaheim, Orange County

When you see all of the problems that trees in a cultivated environment go through, you have to wonder how those in the wild make it.

It might sound preposterous at first, but it’s true. After all, all you need to do to make a tree grow is to put it into the ground and apply water and maybe some fertilizer from time to time, right? Wrong.

The truth is, unlike trees in the forest, those that are planted and grown in rural or urban environments don’t have a lot of the benefits that those in the wild do. As a result, they must be treated differently. Cabling and bracing are one of the treatments that can be used for trees that ensure their structural integrity and increase the chances that a tree will grow to normal heights and live a long and healthy life.

Tree Cabling Anaheim CA

Tree Cabling and Bracing Techniques

Although tree cabling and bracing is a relatively common method of helping a tree grow in a normal way, the method is deceptively simple.

After all, how difficult can it be to add some metal cables or posts to a tree to ensure that it grows straight and tall? Therein lies the problem.

Tree cabling and bracing can encompass many techniques and well as tree cabling and bracing supplies. The most commonly seen bracing technique is using a cable or a brace to keep a tree growing in the correct manner, but a closer look will reveal much more.

Cabling and bracing can be done high above in the crown portion of a tree to ensure that not only do branches grow correctly, but the branches that are broken or weak and strengthen and heal.

Needless to say that tree cabling isn’t just done willy-nilly to the whims of an arborist. They must be done to precise tree cabling standards so that proven techniques can do their work with very little or no further attention.

Further, tree cabling hardware isn’t the whole job. More importantly is the knowledge and experience of the craftsman who does the work.

Tree Cabling Cost

Just as is the case with any maintenance activity, there has to be some attention paid to the cost of this work. This is where the balance between the chances that a tree has for a healthy life versus allowing it to take its course must be determined. Further, there are tree cabling pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages to each course of action.

At Anaheim Tree Care we’re professionals at taking care of trees so that they grow healthy, strong, and as beautiful as they possibly can be. For this reason, we know all of the possible tree cabling systems that can assist us in reaching our tree tending goals.

We bring all of our tree cabling equipment and knowledge to every job we undertake, which ensures that whatever issues are plaguing your tree, the result will be the same: healthy trees. Why not call Anaheim Tree Care today to see what a difference we can make in the life of your trees?

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