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Stump Removal in Anaheim, Orange County

So you finally have had that tree taken out. Maybe it was dead and needed to be removed before it fell on someone or something. Maybe it got in the way of your view. Or maybe it was just an ugly tree. Regardless of the reason for its removal, getting rid of it was the easy part. Now comes the real work, getting rid of that stump.

Stumps have never been pleasant to deal with. That’s primarily why many people don’t even worry about having them removed. They just let them sit, year after year, never changing. “Maybe it will just rot away,” some people say. Rest assured, the dinosaurs will make a second appearance before that stump goes anywhere.


Stump Removal in Orange County

There has been an industry that has grown up around stump removal. If you doubt that, just check your phone book (remember those?) or Google “stump removal,” and you will find plenty of people willing to remove a stump or otherwise make it less noticeable.

Much of stump removal centers around stump removal cost. Cost is, in many cases, determines the best way to do the job. There’s stump removal epsom salt, stump grinder rental, chemical stump removal, stump removal liquid, some type of stump remover and other stump removal techniques. Then there’s always stump removal diy, but that all comes down to who will do the work and how effective the end result will be.

Anaheim Tree Care, Stump Removal Specialists

At Anaheim Tree Care we don’t consider a stump removal job complete until the stump is completely gone and the chances that remnants will grow back are whittled to either zero or practically so.

Whenever a plant is removed from the ground, there’s always a chance that the plant could grow back, but depending largely on how the removal is done, growing back can be virtually eliminated.

At Anaheim Tree Care we utilize a variety of methods for stump removal, depending on a variety of things. There are chemicals that can be used, but this should not be an option whenever there are animals or children involved who might come into contact with them.

There is also stump grinding, which can be used effectively to remove the stump as well as the roots that might come back to cause problems such as regrowth of the tree or choking and damaging irrigation systems under the ground.

Another benefit of stump grinding is that it results in a good side benefit: wood chips that hold water for remaining plants. There’s also digging the root out, which is obviously very time-consuming and labor intensive, but also highly effective.

At Anaheim Tree Care we know trees better than anyone else. Regardless of your tree needs, whether it be taking care of your trees or stump removal, we are the ones you will want to call when you have a tree problem or a question about taking the best care of your trees possible. Whatever it might happen to be, call Anaheim Tree Care today.

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