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Stump Grinding in Anaheim CA

So you’ve finally done it. You’ve gotten rid of that ugly tree in Anaheim, CA. Or maybe it was already dead. It was just a matter of having it cut down and the leftovers removed.

Unfortunately, why is it that when you do have a tree removed, everybody always considers the removal of the stump “extra”? There are many tree service companies in Anaheim, California that will cut down a tree, but for some reason removing the stump takes more discussion, not to mention more money.

At Anaheim Tree Care, we don’t consider the job done until the stump is no more. It’s that easy.

Stump Grinding Anaheim

That’s why if you still have a stump in your yard, call us. We have any number of tricks to get rid of stumps, most notablystump grinding, which involves the use of a special machine that is literally moved into position over the stump, lowered onto it, and turned on.

Before you know it, you have a pile of chips that could either be hauled away or simply used as mulch around your yard.

Stump Removal Cost

Many homeowners in Anaheim elect to let a stump remain since they are concerned with the cost. Most reason that getting rid of a stump is like throwing money away.

That’s most often when a stump ends up being a flower planter or is simply allowed to rot away. The trouble with this is that for very little cost you can get rid of that annoying stump quickly, easily, and economically.

Most stumps vary in cost. This depends on a number of important factors, primarily the size of the stump. This cost breaks down to the diameter of the stump.

This is very reasonable compared to doing it yourself, which will run you a different amount.  Further, with stump grinding, you have a pile of wood chips that remain that can be put in gardens and use for any number of other things.


For just a phone call, the professionals at Anaheim Tree Care can handle all of your stump grinding issues for you. Not only do we have people who are experienced who can handle the job, but if needed, we can even cart away the mess. Call Anaheim Tree Care for your stump grinding needs today in Orange County or Anaheim CA.

Stump Removal Process

There are those people who opt for other methods of stump removal. Unfortunately, most of these do not have the advantages of stump grinding. In fact, if anything, they have plenty of disadvantages to them.

Stump removal Epsom salt is one method, but this leaves a patch of earth that will not support growth for years afterward. There are other methods of stump removal DIY, but these include other types of stump remover, including chemical stump removal and stump removal liquid, but these also leave undesirable after-effects.

Needless to say, there are many stump removal techniques, but few measures up to stump grinding. Even a stump grinder rental has the disadvantage of having to do a dirty job yourself.

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