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Having a tree in front of your house can have multiple benefits – it provides good shade during hot summer days, it increases the curb appeal of your property and even acts as a sonic shield, protecting you from excessive street noises. However, sometimes a tree can become problematic. Many property owners require special services to help them deal with their trees in a safe and efficient way.

A local tree service can have multiple branches (pun intended), allowing clients to select from different types of procedures when it comes to dealing with a tree. If you’re from Orange County, specifically Anaheim area, you are lucky because you get the chance to enjoy top-quality tree services at reasonable prices. Here are just a few tree services you might find useful.

Tree trimming

Trees can grow very tall and have multiple branches that can get in your way or make your property look visually unattractive. The solution to this problem would be a tree trimming service which involves cutting branches which are too long and performing additional maintenance tasks to make the tree look more beautiful. Orange County tree services come at affordable prices and the specialists you hire feature modern tools that make trimming your trees a safe, efficient and quick job.

Wood chipping

Another type of service consists of wood chipping. This basically involves using powerful and dedicated machinery to cut the tree into very small chips which can be used as mulch or to create stunning landscapes. If you want to get rid of a tree in a safe and efficient way, this service is highly recommended to you. A tree removal service in Orange CA will help you remove the tree safely and quickly, preventing accidents and potential damage to your property or the soil.

Stump removal

A tree stump can look unappealing in your property and it prevents you from using that space more effectively. Eliminating the stump on your own can also be a problematic task because you need the right tools to ensure that the stump is removed safely and the tree it doesn’t grow back. That’s why you should rely on professional stump removal services offered by professionals.

The specialists have the right equipment to eliminate stumps of all sizes from your property. The removing process involves eliminating the stump as well as the roots buried deep underground. Once the stump is detached from the soil, it will be properly disposed off and the area will be cleaned, so you can use it any way you want. The price of this service depends on the size of the stump and the amount of work involved to eliminate it, but prices for tree removal services in Orange County aren’t that high these days.

Bush trimming

When people hear about tree services, they automatically assume that these apply to trees only, but this is not always the case. A professional tree arborist can offer you exceptional bush trimming services which basically improve the curb appeal of your property. You can have a clean and properly arranged yard, if the bushes are asymmetric and they grow randomly, this will compromise the image of your property.

If you request a bush trimming service, the professionals will use appropriate tools to care for your bushes in a safe and effective way. Some of the maintenance tasks include trimming, providing nutrients, keeping pests at bay, etc. If you have palms in your yard, you can also request a palm tree service as well!

Cost considerations

If you are thinking about costs, keep in mind that most tree services in Orange County can cost between$100 and $1500, depending on various factors. For example, the number of trees which need to be maintained, their age, height, type, and maintenance task required can all influence the price. Trimming a small tree is definitely less expensive than dealing with 4-5 oaks which are taller than 100 feet and the exact price will be communicated to you by the tree removal company you hire for the job.

Your advantage in maintaining the trees in your yard is that you improve the aesthetics of your property and prevent the trees from causing problems such as falling branches, interfering with power lines, obstructing your view, etc.  The professionals have the required tools (such as trucks and even cranes) to safely manicure your trees without anyone getting injured.

For more details about professional tree services, make sure you contact Anaheim Tree Care today! We have years of experience when it comes to tree removal services, we can tailor our expertise according to your needs, and our prices are affordable to anyone.